Ski Across Canada – Trip Log

Enjoy these past updates from the journey (not a day-by-guide, in case you see a few missing days). [Read more…]

Across Canada by Roller-Ski

By Gerry Warner
The Daily Townsman (Cranbrook, B.C).

He may be 70-years-old, but one look at the lean frame of Alex Nilsson says here’s a man that can’t be half that age.

And that’s a good thing because the Creston resident , competitive mountain biker and back-country skier has just begun a project that would challenge any man no matter what age and how fit they happen to be. [Read more…]

Alex Nilsson Rolls Into Town

By Brian Lawrence
Creston Valley Advance

Alex Nilsson roller-skied into Creston on Saturday as he neared the end of the B.C. leg of the trip across Canada he started on June 25 to promote awareness of Type 2 diabetes. [Read more…]

Nilssons Set For Epic Cross-Country Ski Trip

By Lorne Eckersley
Creston Valley Advance

It won┬╣t be quite the same around the Creston Valley this summer. There will be one less player on the tennis courts, one less bicycle racing along the highway, one less runner on the backroads, one less golfer on the links.

Alex Nilsson, 2004 Citizen of the Year and tireless champion of health and fitness, is going to cross the country on roller skis and will set out from Victoria at Mile 0 on June 25. [Read more…]

My Father – Why is a 70-Year-Old Swede Roller Skiing Across The Entire Country of Canada?

By Nick Nilsson

Ever thought you were too old to exercise or that it was too late for you to start getting in shape? Think again! Read all about how my 70-year-old father is in the best shape of his life and how his secrets can help YOU get there too!

[Read more…]