Ski Across Canada

About the Journey

The country of Canada is approximately 7,500 km from coast to coast (in a straight line). Starting June 25th, 2005, Alex Nilsson of Creston, B.C., Canada, will be beginning a cross-country odyssey to roller ski across the entire country of Canada from west coast to east coast. Starting in Victoria, British Columbia, Alex is planning to complete the entire trek across the country in approximately 8 weeks.

[Note: The journey is complete! You can read the entire trip log of the completed journey here]

The purpose of this journey is not only one of personal fulfillment but to help raise awareness for Diabetes Education. Diabetes is a serious disease which affects millions of people on a daily and ongoing basis.

Please have a look around this site to learn more about not only the journey itself but how Diabetes can be prevented and treated. You’re also welcome to contact us to send your best wishes to Alex as he completes his trek across Canada! Be sure to check into this site regularly to view Alex’s progress across the country! We’ll be updating his location on a regular basis. We also have a sign-up form (on the left side of every page) for email updates on how Alex is doing with the trek.

We’ve also added a Picture Gallery so that you can see photos taken along the way! We will have a section on articles written on Alex’s trek as newspapers along the way send them to us.


How The Trip Will Be Done

Alex’s wife, Nicole Nilsson (who has the patience of a saint), will be driving the support vehicle (a motorhome) for the duration of the journey, at times following Alex and at times driving ahead and parking, going back to meet him on a bike and ride along with him. Walkie talkies will allow them to be in constant communication.

Alex is planning on covering about 100 km (60 miles) per day, depending on weather and traffic conditions, starting in early in the morning and roller skiing until about noon, to avoid the heat of the afternoon. He will be travelling primarily on lesser-travelled roads and skirting major cities to avoid heavier traffic.

The most challenging section of the country will be the mountainous regions of British Columbia. Alex will roller skiing up and down 7 mountain passes as he rolls across the province. In the prairies, he will be on mostly flat country but with heavy winds possible. In Ontario and Quebec, the summer heat and humidity will play a large factor.

But Alex is determined to overcome all of this and make a successful trip across the country! Be sure to stay tuned!


What are Roller Skis?

Roller skis are like a combination of regular snow skis and roller skates! Special ratcheting wheels allow for a diagonal cross-country ski stride or, if the person prefers, the wheels can spin freely to utilize the “skating” skiing technique.

The roller skier uses poles and boots exactly like those of a snow skier but with addition of pads and helmets for road safety. Not many drivers expect to see a skier on the road! The technique for roller skiing is very similar to that of cross-country skiing on snow, with some adjustments being made for the special conditions of being on a paved surface rather than on snow.

An experienced roller skier can cover large distances in a relatively short period of time. Alex’s goal is to cover about 100 km (60 miles) every day, which will depend greatly on traffic and weather conditions.

Here is a picture of a roller ski that has inflatable wheels, ideal for rougher highways and roads.

Here is another example of a different type of roller ski. These skis are more appropriate for smoother roads.

For more information on roller skis and to purchase Roller Ski equipment, please visit our sponsor Jenex, Inc.



The Journey is Complete!

Read the entire detailed Trip Log here…



We would like to thank all our sponsors, both commercial and personal, for helping make this unqiue journey happen! Here is a list of those involved, where you can visit for more information, and how to contact them.

BetterU, Inc.

Preferred Nutrition – Fat Wars – Brad King

Full Life seminars – retirement- Joanne & Hugh Wiley

Integral Designs – Brian Abrams

Telus Mobility – Fraser Pajak

Drs. Sophia & Richard Smith, Chiropractors.
Creston, B.C. (250) 428-4066

Pozniak Enterprises – Walt Pozniak
Creston, B.C. (250) 428-5818

V2/Jenex Inc

D-Signs & Design Services – Lucien Douville

Charlene Pompu

Pharmasave Drug Store – Steve Poznikoff

Overwaitea Food Store – Ron World

Webber Naturals Pharmaceuticals – Randy Parke

Tremblay Enterprises – Art Tremblay

Audio-Video Unlimited – Mike Daybell

Vital Health Foods – Bill Chorowka

Gerick’s Sports
Phone: (250) 354-4622

Barb Lockhart

Josh Kolic – Manager – The Nutrition House

Albion Road Trailer Sales Ltd. Mervin Sheldrick

Kem Holtz

Sarah Duncan of TELUS Mobility For getting the Blackberry wireless device!



Alexis & Doug Virginillo
Fred Clark
Bob & Donna Thicke
Gary & Sylvia Wight
Myron Pajak
Fraser Pajak
Doreen Roseberg
Bev & Walt Pozniak
Art Tremblay
Marlies Abele
Staff at Kootenay Employment Center
Mary & Jim Scarrow
Christine & Terje Munkerud
Cecily Dobson
Sarah Duncan
Julie Groot,
Lena & Wolly Lenko
Gordon and Wendy Baergen (Edmonton)
Ed and Marion
Creekside Cabins – RVs in Galloway
Brandine Allen
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Dr.Roger Levac
Janet Hoyle
Gail Johnston – Shoppers Optical
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